Stochastic Analysis and Applications

Transilvania University of Brasov, July 25 - 26, 2016

Conference on "Stochastic Analysis and Applications"

UniTBv  ASE Bucharest

July 25-26, 2016,  BRASOV, ROMANIA

The international conference "STOCHASTIC ANALYSIS and APPLICATIONS" will take place at Transilvania University of Brasov, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, co-organized by A.S.E. Bucharest and Transilvania University of Brasov.

It is supported by the research grant PNII-ID-PCCE-2011-2-0015 "Stochastic Analysis and Parameter Estimation in Systems with memory".

Venue: The conference will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Str. Iuliu Maniu Nr. 50, Brasov), Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania.

Organizers: Ciprian Tudor and Mihai Pascu (